Irina Anastasiu

Hello! I'm Irina.

My quest for meaningful work has led me to become a PhD Candidate at the Urban Informatics Research Lab in Brisbane, Australia. 🐨  All my knowledge in software development and user experience design I channel towards the Human Smart City.

I ♡ crafting great digital products.
I'm passionate about personal development and women in business & tech.

And I believe life should be spent collecting moments, not things.

This is iriphon.

Here I speak about my work and issues that matter to me.
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Android Cross-Device Optimization: Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot

I am sure everyone who ever developed for Android at some point has had the problem that views returned by “findViewById()” were null. And yes, sometimes it has to do with eclipse which doesn’t detect changes when it is supposed to or other bugs of the development environment. Nevertheless this can also be, like in …

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