Irina Anastasiu

Hello! I'm Irina.

My quest for meaningful work has led me to become a PhD Candidate at the Urban Informatics Research Lab in Brisbane, Australia. 🐨  All my knowledge in software development and user experience design I channel towards the Human Smart City.

I ♡ crafting great digital products.
I'm passionate about personal development and women in business & tech.

And I believe life should be spent collecting moments, not things.

This is iriphon.

Here I speak about my work and issues that matter to me.
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FixVegas Project is Done!

For the past five-six months I had been in Brisbane, working with the Urban Informatics Research Lab at the Queensland University of Technology. The project, called FixVegas, had as final goal the creation of an iPhone app that would provide a tool to engage Brisbane citizens in urban planning projects and facilitate the communication between …

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As Seen in the facebook and Google+ Apps: Switch to Dashboard and Sliding Notifications Animations

EDIT: There was a bug in the implementation because of a missing line in the the presentViewController:(UIViewController*)controllerToPush withDirection (PresentationDirection)direction method in CustomNavigationController.m. In case of PresentationDirection PresentationDirectionOutViaScale and PresentationDirectionOutToBottom, we are hiding the overlying view and displaying the underlying one. This is equivalent to a popToViewController method. We need to add a call [self popToViewController:controllerToPush …

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User Centered Design Process: from Zero to UI and App Concept (Step 1)

First of all, my apologies for being absent for such a long time! As some of you might know, a few weeks ago I finally had gotten my visa for Australia and right now I am already at the Urban Informatics Research Lab in Brisbane and am assiduously working on my project. :-) The starting …

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Stylish Design Pattern for Displaying a Lot of Information and a Huge Picture

Home improvement store OBI has an App called Pflanzenfinder (in Germany) that has a design pattern that just blew my mind! OBI uses it to display facts and a huge picture of different plants. When you open the plant details page, the upper half of the screen shows the picture, while the lower half shows …

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