The New STYLIGHT iPhone App

When I look back onto my journey as a mobile developer, STYLIGHT has always been close to my heart. It’s an online fashion platform encouraging people to share their style with the world, promoting social fashion discovery, rather than confronting us with the same brand-promoted clothing.

There’s a special bond with STYLIGHT┬ábecause four or five years ago the ‘STYLIGHT Fashion Agent’ has been the very first iPhone app I’ve ever programmed and what got me instantly hooked to iOS/mobile development and shaped my future career path.


Last week their new app has finally been launched in the AppStore. After the launch of their new feature on the website, the looks – the ability to create mood boards with fashion products, images, videos, quotes and much more – it of course also had to go mobile!

After trying this new STYLIGHT iPhone app over the weekend, I must say I became really fond of it! Browsing through looks is even more fun on the iPhone and not just that. I think the boards are even more gorgeous on the small screen compared to the regular website.

The app features are kept minimalistic – which I think is a great example of launching a digital product early-on instead of falling into the trap of cluttering it with lots of features people potentially won’t use. You can browse and comment the looks and the items on them, look at your activity feed and inspect profiles. And of course the most important feature: hearting things! :-) That’s it!


From an UX perspective I think the app’s well designed. The menu button is always there, always contains the same items and never confuses you. It’s obvious to me which elements I can interact with and I can expect them to do what I think they do! :-)
I love the colors, the contemporary design and the love they put into details – the little hearts in the activity indicators or the STYLIGHT logo integrated at the bottom of feeds, once there’s nothing more to load. Also love the shifting effect of the cover photo on the profile page! :-)


Performance-wise they’ve done a great job as well. It’s impressive how slick the looks feed is. Scrolling is performing really well, image loading is well-timed with user interaction to display the images I want to see at the right time.

There are a few tiny rough edges that should be polished – for example I’ve been irritated that tapping an item in the menu doesn’t visually highlight that the interaction actually occurred. Better instant visual feedback, like inverting text and menu item background color would have a great positive effect, especially because regarding everything else the app is so responsive. I’d also wish for the ability to easily flick away detail screens after having tapped an item in a look, instead of tapping the ‘Close’-button. It would make browsing easier and looking at detail pages less disruptive.


All in one, an excellent and well-designed app I really enjoy firing up during my subway rides to get inspired!
Very much looking forward to all the updates and hoping for a product feed in the near future, so that I can fuel up my already nearly compulsive product hearting! :-D

If you’re curious about what the app does, here’s a little presentation video: