Android Topics for Google IO 2011

It’s time for Google IO again!

Google will be putting us up to date with latest innovations and will again give good introduction to relevant topics on May 10th and May 11th. As usual quite a number of presentations will be streamed and after that be available online.

Just yesterday Reto Meier (@retomeier) from Google tweeted the new schedule.

I picked out all the Android topics (bold means the talk will be live-streamed. You can find the full schedule on on

Androd Topics for Google IO 2011

Quite some interesting topics, I am especially looking forward to “Don’t just build a mobile app. Build a mobile business” and to “How to NFC”.

I am really curious about how easy it will be to work with NFC on Android and whether this decision of Google to provide NFC support will revolutionize the market.
In Japan NFC has become just as normal as taking the overcrowded subway of Tokyo, Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo strongly focusing its research on NFC use cases.
Rumors about Apple also aiming at making NFC more popular arose already in January this year and discussions whether there will be NFC support on the iPhone 5 fill the web.

While waiting for the new Google IO videos, I’d like to reccomend the talk of Romain Guy (@romainguy) on ListView from Google IO 2010. ListView is one of the most complicated UI-Elements in Android and especially if you need complex ones with sections and various different row layouts, developing can become tricky. Therefore I strongly believe one should have completely unterstood how ListView works.

So, I’ll leave you in the company of Romain Guy and ListView!
Enjoy :-)